Things to Do

Cruise itineraries to the Pacific coast of Mexico feature several stops with gorgeous beaches, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a vacation in and around the ocean. Popular water sports like parasailing, kayaking and surfing are all possible at the ports along the coast. Sailing on smaller boats and sportfishing are another way to take advantage of the gorgeous crystalline waters.

Guests can also scuba dive or snorkel to discover colorful fish and coral reefs. Further wildlife adventures include swimming with dolphins and whale-watching on a coastal cruise. Heading inland from the coast, visitors can experience the forests and waterfalls of the region on an off-road adventure or safari.

The well-established resort industry in the region makes for pristine beaches with top-notch amenities -- an excellent place to soak up the sun. Shopping in open-air markets will often reveal handcrafted treasures, artisan pieces and other intriguing trinkets.

Cruises that visit the eastern coast of Mexico also include ports with all varieties of fun in the sun. In addition to lounging on the beach and aquatic adventures, the Yucatan offers a piece of Mayan history. Ancient ruins at Uxmal, Chichen Itza and Tulum are all popular stops, where travelers can explore the architectural style and fascinating history of an indigenous people.

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