What to Pack for a Mexico Cruise

One way to ensure smooth sailing aboard your Mexican cruise is to come prepared. Mexico’s coastal areas boast warm weather year-round so bring lots of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sunny days.

For most cruise ships, your daytime clothing on board and in port should be comfortable and casual. Low-heeled, rubber-soled shoes for walking on deck, sandals or flip-flops for the beach and sneakers for walking tours are some of the footwear you may want to consider packing. For suitable nighttime attire, check out your ship’s dress codes. Many cruise lines include some formal dinners or themed events in the evenings, so pack a few more elegant options, such as a suit or cocktail dress, where appropriate.

Browse the shore excursions available to you on your cruise to Mexico and plan accordingly. The kinds of activities you want to enjoy on your trip will affect what you should bring with you -- binoculars for birding, a mask and fins for snorkeling or hiking boots for a trek in the Sierra Madre foothills, for instance.

Remember to pack all your medications, prescription or otherwise, in a bag you can carry onto your flights. And, of course, don’t forget your camera to capture your best vacation moments.

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